Orthopaedic Oncosurgeon

MBBS, Fellowship in Orthopaedic Oncology - Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

MS Ortho


  • Post Graduation M.S (Orthopaedics). KLEU's Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belagavi(2013-2016).
  • Fellowship in Orthopaedic Oncology. Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, India (2018 - 2020)

Research and Publications

Total Publications - 15

Indexed - 9

Non indexed - 6

  • Title - Giant cell tumors of the sacrum: is non-operative treatment effective?
    Authors - Ajay Puri, Srinath Gupta, Ashish Gulia, Nitin Shetty, Siddhartha Laskar.
    Journal - European Spine Journal (2020)
  • Title - Proximal femur sarcomas with intra-articular disease - Do intra-articular resections provide adequate local control?
    Authors - Prakash Nayak, Srinath Gupta, Akshay Patil, Ashish Gulia, Ajay Puri
    Journal - Journal Surg Onc (2020)
  • Title - Is skeletal imaging essential in the staging workup for conventional chondrosarcoma?
    Authors - Ashish Gulia, Vineet Kurisunkal, Ajay Puri, Nilendu Purandare, Srinath Gupta, V Rangarajan
    Journal - CORR (2020)
  • Title - Importance of Skeletal Staging in Chondrosarcoma of Bone: Results of Survey on Current Practices Among Musculoskeletal Oncologists.
    Authors -Srinath Gupta, Ashish Gulia, Vineet Kurisunkal, Ajay Puri
    Journal - Indian Journal of Orthopaedics (2020)
  • Title - Principles of Management of Spine Metastasis.
    Authors - Vineet Kurisunkal, Ashish Gulia, Srinath Gupta.
    Journal - Indian Journal of Orthopaedics (2020)
  • Title - Principles of management of extremity skeletal metastasis.
    Authors - Srinath Gupta, Ashish Gulia, Vineet Kurisunkal, Mishil Parikh
    Journal - Indian Journal of Palliative Care (2019)
  • Title - Umbrella construct' - an innovative technique for reconstruction of the proximal humerus after curettage in locally aggressive benign bone tumours
    Authors - Ashish Gulia, Ajay Puri, Srinath Gupta, Vineet Kurisunkal
    Journal - Shoulder & Elbow (2020)
  • Title - Comparison of MRI and Histopathology with regard to Intramedullary Extent of Disease in Bone Sarcomas.
    Authors - Ashish Gulia, Ajay Puri, T. S. Subi, Srinath M. Gupta, S. L. Juvekar, and Bharat Rekhi
    Journal - Sarcoma (2019)
  • Title - Definitive management of open tibia fractures using limb reconstruction system.
    Authors - MY Patil, Srinath M Gupta, SKC Kurupati, S Agarwal, V Chandarana
    Journal - Journal of clinical and diagnostic research (2016)


He is the first surgeon from the twin states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to have formally completed HBNI Fellowship training in Orthopedic Oncology.
He has over 10 years’ experience in surgical departments at leading hospital across India. Following his Post Graduation in Orthopedics, he worked at world renowned Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai-the largest referral centre for cancer care in India for a period of 3 years, during which he did his HBNI Fellowship in Orthopedic Oncology.
His current field of interest is bone and soft tissue tumors involving the upper limbs, lower limbs, pelvis and spine. He is formally trained in limb salvage surgeries involving the extremities and performs a wide range of surgeries and biological reconstructions.
He has multiple publications in collaboration with National and International surgeons in multiple National and International journals with a particular interest in research and refinement of the existing surgical principles.