Physical exercise improves the quality of life of cancer patients. It helps to have individuals with cancer maintain focus on regular exercise. Physiotherapy-led exercise helps maintain that discipline.

For all types of cancer, physiotherapy is done in conjunction with the treatment to improve treatment outcome and to prolong the life of the patient. There is also clinical evidence that physiotherapy-led exercise reduces the risk of cancer recurrence.

Our trained physiotherapists work alongside the cancer coach to create a plan exclusively based on your needs and requirements. With our at-home physiotherapist, you can also eliminate the need to move out of home to seek exercise.


  • Reduces side effects of surgery such as lymphedema, debilitation and fatigue
  • Helps peripheral neuropathy symptoms
  • Relieves from symptoms of pain through soft tissue mobility and strengthening
  • Helps mobilise the individual to improve physical strength
  • Benefits the emotional state of the individual

Do you have any queries on how our physiotherapists could help you or your family member/friend? Please feel free to call us at 1800 200 2676.