Counselling is an integral part of therapy for cancer since it focuses on emotional wellbeing. We, at Cancer Clinics cannot stress the important of counselling enough to support both patients and families.

Our counsellors are psycho-oncologists who understand the specific set of concerns that come with cancer care. Over the course of the treatment, the need for counselling also varies. So, our counsellors assist you through the entire period of treatment and tailor it particularly to what the individual needs at a given point in time. Our counsellors also extend support for family members during the course of treatment.

While our nurses provide support for your physical health, our counsellors focus on your emotional wellbeing.


  • Helps you cope with your reactions to cancer
  • Helps you tackle family and relationship issues which come up as a result of cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Assists individuals with cancer to explore personal issues and thoughts

Do you think our counsellors could help you or your family? Please feel free to call us at 1800 200 2676.